Thank you!

Thanks to everybody who has donated money to Bike2HelpThere so far! You have really helped some people in need and I can assure you that your money has been and will be used for a good cause – THANK YOU!

Charity project – Donate and help –
100% Help

With many charity projects you don’t see where your donated money ends up. Bike2HelpThere lets you know what your money is actually used for!

On my trip through some of the world’s poorest countries I will meet people who are having a hard time in life. I will meet people who offer me their help even though they haven’t got anything themselves. With this project, I want to help people who really deserve it and bring some hope back into their lives.

With Bike2HelpThere you can be sure that every cent you donate will be used in a responsible way!

Bank details

Brandl Stefan-Charity
Bank: Raiffeisen Landesbank
Bank code: 38000
Account No: 107740327

IBAN: AT033800000107740327

Please don’t forget to indicate your name on the bank transfer form so that I can mention your donation by name. If you don’t want your name to be mentioned, please let me know on the bank transfer form as well.  


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